BR-364 The Aliens have an ambition, spread virus all around the universe! The human race must be exterminated, for being the cause of all evil! The humans, attacked by aliens from the Guiík Planet pursuit the salvation of the Planet Earth. For that, they go into this impossible mission, to fight a superior race, of inestimable intelligence and unknown technology. Akry Exyst, the man raised to counter any kind of treat that Earth could suffer, was chosen. Disconected from their parents when was born, for being inheritor of Xyko Menddyz, with no option, was isolated to be trained in function of global security, in the Amazzonya Detention Camp. All the security agents responsible, was contacted and sent to the battle against the Guiíks. However, they speeded too fast and the entire world was consumed. Oceania, Europe, biggest part of Anglo Saxon America, Latin America, Africa and Antarctic are decimated. Akry Exyst is the only hope for Planet Earth… To play use the keys: W and S or Up arrow and Down arrow. Good luck! Good game!
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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