Boss Mortem

PC game with 2-player Asymetric Gameplay Corpse Exfiltration Simulator! Synopsis: Sounds like it's the last meeting you'll have with your boss: he wants both of you out. Somehow though, right then and there, he slips, falls on his glass of prime bourbon and ends up dead on the floor with his carotid artery open. Damn. Everyone must have heard him...! They'll think you two did it! Luckily you were hired for your bold decision making skills and both decide on the one sensible course of action: Drag your boss's body out of the building, hide the evidence, use your environment and get out of there, fast. Gameplay : The cleaner has to clean the way for his accomplice, keep the way ahead clear of obstacles, and scout for employees roaming in the corridors. He also needs to interact with certain parts of the environments to prep them for the lifter. The lifter has to bear the corpse from one end of the corridor to the other, trying to keep it as stable as possible on his flimsy shoulders. He also needs to use the environment's various hiding spots, prepped or found. Controls: ~~Lifter (Horizontal Axis) Left Stick : Motion (Vertical Axis) Left Stick : Corpse Balance (on Alcoves, Radios, and WhiteBoards) A Button : prep hiding spot ~~Cleaner Left Stick : Motion (on Alcoves, Radios, and WhiteBoards) A Button : use hiding spot
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Noise Generator
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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