Cool game about some Bobbles, that dont know what to do, so you bother them. :) There are two game modes that both need a good portion of concentration. Controls are mostly the mouse with the left button and Escape for going back or pausing the game, In the Mix-Mode you have to find pecific Bobbles from many other Bobbles. You need to find the Bobble that is in the upper-center of the window, the number next to it shows how many of them are on the field. When finding the correct one you get points and some precious seconds, when clicking the incorrect one you lose seconds. The game ends when the time drops to zero (can be seen in the upper-left corner). HINT: You need to find EXCATLY the same Bobble, not such a Bobble with the same color. In Sort-Mode you have to sort the spawning Bobbles into the colored boxes to prevent the Bobbles from exploding. Magenta colored Bobbles into the magenta colored area and analogously with the other color. You lose when a Bobble lives to long or if you drop a Bobble into the wrong area.
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MS Windows
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- Used Sfml.Net 2.1 as framework - Used Tiled Map Editor as map editor
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- You need at least .NET Framework 4.5 (maybe 4.0 or above is enough)

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