Bloob Friend

A little tamogachi-type pet game. The Bloob plays with his ball, and occasionally wants to play a game. The only game implemented is simon says, where you need to move your hand to the part of the screen he's pointing. If he's winking, he didn't say simon says, and you need to put your mouse anywhere -except- where he's pointing. You can lift his ball with left mouse button, or knock it around with the right mouse button. If the ball falls in the pond, hold left mouse button and a new one will spawn. You can also pick fruit off the tree with left mouse button, but the bloob doesn't have much of an appetite.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Other tools used: Pencil+paper, dry erase board+marker, gratuitous amounts of caffeine
Installation Instructions: 

To play the exe, just run it anywhere. If you want to check out the project, get Gamemaker: Studio, standard edition or better, and import the compressed project file.


Robert McLaughlin: Designer, Programmer

Circé Torres: Artist, Designer, Tester

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