Beat Forest

As you were driving to your next concert, your van has just broken down! What will me, myself and I do now? To get help, run through the forest, avoid obstacles and stay in rhythm! The game is played entirely with the arrow keys and with proper settings it should also be able to be played with an actual USB dance pad!
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Photoshop, SAI and FL Studio.
Installation Instructions: 

Just extract the "release" folder in the zip file, double click the exe file, choose a resolution and start playing! We recommend playing with a widescreen resolution as the game is designed to be played so. Choosing a non-widescreen resolution will crop some graphics off. We mainly tested the game in 1920x1080 resolution but others might work as well.


At least one computer we used to test the build kept randomly making the game go black for a few seconds during gameplay. If this happens to you, we are sorry but we have no idea what's causing this bug.


(from left to right-->)

(Mitja Mykrä: Music, ideas, being represented by a ghost because he wasn't physically present in the jam :<)

Meri Mattila: Character graphics and animation, title screen graphics, Game Over screen graphics, endgame graphics, group energy, hugging

Elisabet Heikkilä: Environment graphics, credits screen graphics, making our beautiful mascot Moosician, being hugged

Niina Kopsa: Programming, being awesome, putting up with being our only programmer

Markus Ranki: Production, design, a few graphics here and there, audio editing, gameplay balancing, being immature


A special thanks goes to Roope Lindström for providing us with a few audio assets, Kajak Games for letting us use their premises and Susanna Nurmi for lending us a hand (hoof?) with the voice acting... which sadly had to be cut because of time constraints.

Game Stills: