Bear With Us

Bear With Us is a hybrid RTS, Twin Stick shooter game. The architect lays down blueprints, and the builders must collect the resources to construct them! Survive the onslaught of bears as you build walls and towers to defend your totem.
Jam year: 
Noise Generator
Can I Try?
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Made in Unity, programmed in C#. Art assets made in 3DS Max. The webserver uses Python CGI to process voting for the game's vote mechanic. Makes use of a large number of custom shaders.
Installation Instructions: 

Requires Unity Pro 4.6 to build.

Requires 1 Xbox 360 controller and a mouse to play.

Up to 4 controllers total.

Windows only!

How To Play:

One player will play as the architect on the mouse. Up to four other players can play on Xbox controllers as the builders.

- The architect will use the mouse to build construction sites that require resources. They can either build a wall or a turret.
- Right click to destroy a construction site or cancel the active preview building.
- They also have the ability to freeze incoming bears by clicking on them.

- Builders move with the left stick. Right stick rotates the character.
- The builders can harvest resources (trees and rocks) by picking them up with A. Dropping them on a build site will add the resources to the building. - Walls require 1 tree. Towers require 1 rock and 2 trees.
- Pressing Y will add an exclamation mark over your character to call for help.
- Right trigger will throw spears at oncoming bears.
- If you fall down, a friend can pick you up with A and bring you back to the center to help you up.
- Adding a tree to the totem in the center will add a segment, adding health to its total.

Keep in mind: builders can't shoot while carrying objects and architects can't freeze while building!

Special: Visit if you have an audience. Their votes can affect the game.


Andrei Ichim

Cameron Gazey

Martin Palko

Erik Uggeldahl

Jean-Francois Vienneau

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