Bak, N'apalım

2nd Place Award of the GGJ Ege Game Site. Two thives are new in town. They want to steal something from an office. But the sly one is trying to trick his companion to do the job alone as he waits outside to ride back after the job. As the player, we play the theft senarios they talk about. Game contains four plans, as four different games with different game mechanics. A click and point stealth action game, a climber game, a pixel art side scroller and lastly a FPS shooter game. What ever they do, plans end up having some problems.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Blender, Z-Brush, Crazy Bump, Photoshop CS 5, Fireworks, Visual Studio
Installation Instructions: 

Run "Baknapalim.exe"



[Enter] Start level

Level 1

  • [Mouse Left] Move
  • Press [F] and then tap [Q] and [E] to Deactivate security cameras

Level 2

  • [W] Climb Up
  • [S] Climb Down
  • [Shift + S] Slide Down

Level 3

  • [Space] Fly

Level 4

  • [W, A, S, D] Movement
  • [Mouse Left] Fire
  • [Mouse Right] Zoom

İnan Evin
Bahadır Sevim

3D Character Modelling & Character Texturing
Ferhat Tanman

Map, Object Modelling & Animation
Sercan Altundaş

2D Arts and Texturing
Sanem Tanman
Mücella Çakmak


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