Azim Sentinel of Corduba

This 2D platformer inspired by Castlevania is about a hero in Muslim era in Cordoba, Spain. Azim is sent by the Corduba Caliphate to investigate the catacombs of the Corduba's Mezquita (mosque). Something is waiting for him inside. Hints: -You die on hit, be careful with your step, keep an eye out for enemy patrols and try to attack from behind. -You can't change direction mid-air, so plan your jumps, and time your air attacks. -Your sword can destroy proyectiles. -You can change your weapon absorbing enemy cells. Hold down while standing on a cell. -There are three different enemy attacks that can be used by Azim after he absorbs its cells. Try to find them all!
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MS Windows, Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
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Unity (any product)
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Just Copy the content of the release folder of the Zip where you want. To Play execute Azim.exe.

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