Ape-Tastrophe Island

STORY Centuries ago, there were over 100 tribes of monkeys inhabiting Ape-Tastrophe Island. But there's a problem. Once a year, during the aptly-named "Chaos Season" the positing of Earth as it circles around the sun causes magnetic disturbances in the polar ice caps that cause the island to....oh you don't care about all that. Basically, bad things happen for a few months that force the monkeys to get a little anxious. Well, very anxious to be precise. Help the monkeys by choosing a leader and guiding them through 10 rounds of a fast-paced, stress-filled race to survive the Chaos Season. Get what you need by trading with other players, worship the island gods to heal your sick, and raid other players to pillage and plunder. Choose your hat based on their special skills! What you do now is up to you. GAMEPLAY There are 10 phases with 3 rounds in each phase. During each round, players can perform 1 of 5 actions. If a player gathers, he has a chance to increase resources. If a player attacks, he has a chance to gain resources, religious artifacts, or population (more than if gathering), but it is random and there is a chance to lose population. If a player scouts, he learns information about either the island or another player. If learning about the island, this increases his chance to gather or increase #of resources, maintain population, or find religious artifacts. If a player trades, he has a chance to exchange a resource, population, or religious artifact for others. If a trade is rejected, the messenger is killed and the trade initiator loses 1 population. If a player worships, he has a chance to increase religion/morale. After each phase, a global event takes place that has either a positive, negative, or mixed effect on the players. Once all players choose an action for a round, or the round timer expires, the next round commences. There are 4 monkey woes during each phase. They always affect resources, population, and religion/morale negatively. Players can perform actions to negate the effects of these scenarios, but they can never fully negate the negative affects of all the scenarios during a phase, so players must choose wisely. SPECIAL SKILLS A player's special skill is in play for their leader monkey every round of every phase. TRADING Any player may initiate a trade during his round. The player receiving a trade offer does not use his round choice in deciding how to respond. If he accepts the trade, the population, resources, or religious artifacts are exchanged, respecting skills. If the trade is rejected, the monkey messenger is killed and the trade initiator loses 1 population.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, Unity (any product)

Ben Smith.....Lead Design

Ty Connors.....Interface Design & Game Logic

Juan Barbosa.....Animation & Sound

Josh Gibbs.....Player Experience & Project Management

Marlon Ruiz.....Development

Johnathan Howell.....Development

Bradford Foxworth-Hill.....Development

TJ Mcallister.....Development

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