And I Push

"And I Push (WhyBecauseIdontknow)" is a cryptic top-down puzzle-game. Find yourself! Run for your life! Beware of these mysterious blocks... But wait a minute, maybe these could help you to get rid of that threat in the room? Anyway, open your hears, and Happy Experimentations! (And I.. Push... I'm a weirdo... What the hell I'm doing here?...) Well.. glhf and.. PUSH! You know, there are many bugs in this piece of software, but hey, that's part of the game! How many can you find?! *Hyper-Local* : The game contains a "galette-saucisse", which is a famous snack in Britanny (West region of France) #8 : Hyper-Local
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
None of the above tools were used!! I'm using a custom layer based on Allegro 5.0 (, C++.
Installation Instructions: 


Run the executable ANDIPUSH.EXE

You will need the Allegro 5.0.10 dll (Release), which is not distributed in the zip package.
Download it at
Place it in the executable folder, or in the Windows system32 folder. In case of installation problem related to Allegro, do not hesitate to search or post on


The default controls are UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT cursor keys to move/push, and J/K/L/M to perform action 1/2/3/4. F1 to start, J to select.

If you plug a USB controller with at least 2 axes and 4 buttons, it should be recognized during the game and OVERRIDE the default keyboard control. If your controller as a START button which seems not to function, please try any other button (indeed buttons are automapped).



CREDITS Design and Coding ... Anto80 (

2D Art ... Katinae ( (for technical reasons related to website issues, I couldn't add her jam account to this game Page, but she did work for this project!)

Music and Sound ... Florent CHARDEVEL (

Many thanks to Le Jardin Moderne, Rennes, France 3 HIT COMBO , and all the jammers!


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