4ways 4ward

A runner game with no running. One team, four lives. Keep the team going and unveil each other's story. But things happen in life. And then, what do we do now ? What if our choices ruins your dearests' life ?
Jam year: 
Stephen Hawking Can Play This
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)

The Team No Dev At All during the Global Game Jam 2015 :

Antoine Schmoll : Graphics/Animation/Game Concept/Programming

Gilles Noeppel : Game Concept/Programming/Ressources/Croissants

Jeremy Touitou : Game Concept/Scenario/Audio

And finally, at least one dev (after the game jam !) :

Julien Doudoux : Programming/Messes with the team name

Big thanks to the Ludus Academy Strasbourg for hosting us during this jam. See you next year !

Game Stills: 
Embed code: 
<iframe src="//itch.io/embed/17841?dark=true&linkback=true" width="552" height="167" frameborder="0"></iframe>