2 Koboldly Go 5 2/16

You're the hero of an epic quest who's just saved the world! What do you do now? You wake up one morning to find that you have been magically transformed into a Kobold! Navigate the unfamiliar social obstacles presented to you, learning both about their world, and about yourself in the process. HOW TO PLAY: This is a game about social interaction, not combat. In 2KoboldlyGo, you must use the context of your conversations to experiment and deduce your way to victory. You have 6 options in each encounter: Convince, Provoke, Woo, Threaten, Whine, and Placate. These may have different effects depending on who you’re talking to, and the only real way to find out what effects they have is to experiment. There are often multiple ways to win (or lose) an encounter, so should you find yourself playing through again, try seeing if you can find a different path to victory in each conversation than you did the first time! From all of us at Team Lizards?, we hope you enjoy!
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