Dive through the clefts, think about all that lefts, all the memories you can get, must exist without regret. In this action/meditative game you have to learn what to do, how and when; so don't feel stuck, the game is complete and has something to show you, so live the journey.
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Linux / Unix, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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It was made in a cold room (with a hot heater) with heavy bellyache
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To install the game you have to press "eject" on your tape.
The eject button is usually the one situated on the left of the datasette.
Then you have to insert the tape "from the good side": it will not fit if you're wrong.
The face of the tape must be facing "up", so you can see the illustrative text on it.
When you have done all that things you can then put some oil on it and light your saturday night!


werto: game, code, graphics, sound
luca: barking, snoring, forcing to go pause for a walk and pee, sleeping more than me, being my best friend

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