ÓkùTé - Puzzle Arena

Ó Kù Té: battle of the blocks, in the temple of thought. · Three sworn friends enter the temple, to claim the title Master of thought, ruler of Ó Kù Té. · Each is randomly bestowed with a hidden shape, consisting of 4 square tiles, each in a different configuration and direction. · These shapes each represent a fragment of the secret of Ó Kù Té, and when a competitor discovers his or her shape, something of the secret is reveiled. · After entering the temple the competitors can choose 3 or more shapes out of 16 in total. 3 is the minimum, and renders the most easy level for this battle. In that case each competitor gets one shape. · The more shapes the competitors decide to choose, the more dificult and complex the mind battle will be. After all each competitor can secretly receive up to 5 different shapes to look for, and thus, 5 shapes to remember, hidden in the playfield to discover. · Each discovered (constructed) shape will gain the competitor 1 point. · But a competitor may accidently construct a shape for one of his opponents, who will get a point then. · One competitor may discover the shape of an opponent before this opponent finds it himself. He can disturb his opponent by destroying his or her shape (by taking out a tile). · There are 15 turns in total, each competitor gets 5 turns. · The competitor with the most points wins, and is the Master of thought, ruler of Ó Kù Té.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Android device, iPhone, iPad
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Unity (any product)

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Leeuwarden, January 25th 2015

Chtulhu Clan, the studio that brought you GIN1, HEXE and Meet Your Future, releases tactical multiplayer tabletop puzzle brawler 

Puzzle Arena

Leeuwarden - Get ready for action with Ó Kù Té, the puzzle arena where you find the shapes of your life. The mystery board allocates geometrical shapes to players. Start a quest to find out which shape is yours and which belong to your oponents. Place tiles or remove them, and leave your opponents wondering what to do next...

Chtulhu CEO Niek Jonker explains: "with Ó Kù Té we take tactical tabletop gaming to the next level. Play transcends the board itself, with players solving puzzles in their minds before placing new tiles. In short sessions you need to quickly find which shape awards you and the other players credits, adapt your tactics to place your tiles with new-found information and counter the moves of the other players. And everything in a short game of five moves per player!"

Lead Artist Salko Kattenberg stresses how the 'Mystic Temple'-theme embraces gameplay. "Oriental games like Go or Mah-Yongh are real battles of the mind, where the most exiting moments in the game are when no-one is actually doing something. Ó Kù Té is similar to those games in the sense the real arena is in the players minds.”


Player quotes: 

“Ó Kù Té really blew my mind. It felt like martial arts without the fistfights, you really need to think before you act! Is there some applejuice left?

                        Anonymous game jammer, at 02:30.



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