Interama + Bluejacket: Friendly Jam

Jam Site Owner: 
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Entrance Fee: 
Open for entire 48 hours
Jam Site Description: 

- Esta é uma sede destinada apenas aos membros da Interama e da Bluejacket e não está aberta ao público externo. 

- This is a private headquarter, only Interama and Bluejacket members are allowed to participate.

Food Options: 
Access to food in close vicinity. Drinks and snacks provided on site.
Available Tools or Technology: 
Unity 3D, Photoshop, Illustrator, 3Ds Max, Flash
Who Can Participate: 
Only Interama and Bluejacket Members
Age Restrictions: 

Recently Uploaded Games

You get up in the night looking for the bathroom.
Ubuntu is an emotional adventure through the conflict between two tribes. Be responsible for your actions and learn with them, using this knowledge to know things around you.