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Welcome to the Budapest 3rd annual hosting of the Global Game Jam!

We have grown every year in regard to the GGJ, and we hope to keep that going this January as well.  Everyone is welcome to come participate!  If you are not sure how games are made and just want to come learn, you are more than welcome too!

There are many 24 hour shops in the area to keep you nourished, as well as free reign over our facilities.  There is plenty of room for everyone to bring their own rigs, or use some of ours as well if need be.

Security is on the ground floor of the building and we shall notfity them of the event before hand. So there is no worries about not being able to get back in.  


Note: we are located on the 8th floor of 11 Pannonia Utca Budapest, Hungary. The offical Jam rules say that 17:00 is the start time, but we know that people are coming from work in many cases, so we are open to start later at 17:30 / 18:00 as well.

Entrance Fee: 
Open for entire 48 hours
Who Can Participate: 
Age Restrictions: 
Food Options: 
Access to coffee/beverages and food in close vicinity.
Available Tools or Technology: 
iOS devices, Android devices, FirefoxOS devices, Xbox, Playstation 3, PSP, and Wii dev kits, our in house engine
This site has onsite security.

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