World Record

Get ready for the most mindthrilling psychadelic bonanza of 2014! World Record is a music game played on PC with the Leap Motion Controller. Think DJ Hero where cute meets hipp and where no one will be able to stay still to the funk. The player controls a marker on a spinning LP record and the goal is to catch notes spawning at the edges of the screen in order to keep the music going. As a game made at a Game Jam, there is a catch of course. The visuals and the interaction is two separate things in our game. As the play area keeps spinning around, you still only control your movements in a vertical axis by moving your finger up and down over the Leap Motion Controller. Are you the one who sets the World Record?
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You Say it!
Round and Round
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
XNA Game Studio 4.0 + Leap Motion Control SDK
Installation Instructions: 

1. Even though World Record can be played with the mouse, it is produced for the Leap Motion Controller. After plugging in your motion controller, setup the device at:

2. Install XNA Game Studio 4.0 and Dot Net from the "Redist" folder included or get it at:


Art - Mikael Litendahl, Ilias Norelund. Programming - Sebastian Cederholm. Music - Andy Hultberg, Danial Dadgar

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