Work in Progress

The world in the eyes of a game developer is always full of surprises; it is an ever-changing game of their own imagination. Step into the shoes of a developer as their thoughts run wild and wacky hijinks follows. Metaphors! Meta! So fun!!! This game is about an uninspired game developer who went out for a walk to get some inspirations. Throughout the game you will walk through the various decisions and thought processes he has as he builds his game with surrounding objects. * Use D-pad or WASD to move * Mouse to shoot * if the game gets too hard and you just want to finish the game - press 'C' to add more lives.
Jam year: 
Honor Aaron Swartz
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash), Linux / Unix, Older Macintosh
Technology Notes: 
Construct 2

Howard Lee - Lead Designer, Programmer, Artist, Sound 

Omar Lopez - Designer, Lead Art, and Graphic Designer

Steven Weiss - Lead Programmer, Level Designer


Original Game Idea - Steven Weiss, Omar Lopez, and Julian De Ocampo

Special Thanks to Julian De Ocampo, Derek Yang, Bill Yang, all the judges and MEGA USC.


Game Stills: