Wait For Meeee!!!!

Ok, in one 'word', our game is a split-screen-co-op-top-down-platformer. So you better grab a friend if you're gonna play it, as playing it alone is no fun (and that's just a nice way to say it's impossible). Since we forgot (disclaimer: I didn't forget, but the guy who was supposed to do it did) to show instructions in game, let me do it here. One of the players uses the arrow keys to move, and CTRL to jump, and the other the 'asdw' keys to move and SHIFT to jump. (note: we're aware that players can hit each-others jump keys but we believe that adds to just another game mechanic - it's a feature dammit) You should also know that both players have to step on a checkpoint in order to 'activate' it, and also that both players need to step to the end portal in order to go through. It's all co-op, and don't get discouraged, it is playable even if it's slightly difficult at times. We hope you enjoy it, grab a friend and Wait For Hiiiiim!!!! :)
Jam year: 
I am who I want to be
Honor Aaron Swartz
Can You Come And Play?
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Adobe Photoshop used for making some sprites, and the music guy used something as well, but you gotta ask him about it, he's not here at the moment.
Installation Instructions: 

Just unzip and run the WaitForMe.exe


Coding: Aleksandar Krstik (yes, I'm doing it, so my name goes first) and Martin Petkovski.

Level Design and Sprites: Ivo Shurbanovski and Miroslav Boshevski.

Music: Aleksandar Kirkovski.

Special thanks to 12 year old Andrej Antunovic (who did some sprite design) and his friend Darko <Insert Last Name Here> (who did some play testing) for annoying the hell outta us, and not letting us get bored at any point.

Game Stills: 
Source files: