Victim 146

Victim 146 is a first-person, survival horror that follows the psychological struggle of a young woman trapped in an abandoned facility with no recollection of her capture. Her only clue to survival is the number ‘146’ tattooed on her arm. She must search the rooms for the seven notes and keys left by her abductor which will provide her a physical escape; however, her true freedom lies in the discovery of the notes of the 145 victims before her, and the stories of the lives and minds this place has destroyed. Only then will she find the truth of her abduction, and finally “see things as they are” … ... ... ... Notes: Each play-through will contain 7 abductor notes and 7 keys static to every play-through. Seven (7) random notes from the previously uncollected pool of 145 (previous victims) will spawn every play-through and stored in the player’s note journal. Numerous play-throughs will be required to collect all 145 victim notes to ultimately reveal note 146 – and the truth to ‘Victim 146’.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Visual Studio


Executive Producers

Rupert Meghnot

Micah Brown


Lead Producer

Michael Meyer



Jose Bueno

Jean-Karlo Accetta

Jesse Janowski

ChoongHan Lim


Lead Designers

Kate Neeves

Gabriel Orlandelli



Julian Doiley

Youssef Ezzeldin

Matthew Frassetti


Lead Level Developer

Daniel Adamitskiy



Jesse Pascoe

Matthew Genskow

Jean-Karlo Accetta

Daniel Adamitskiy


Lead Art

Eric Shipp


3D Art

Thomas Waller

Mike Bianchini

Jacob Garbani

Oscar Araque


2D Art

Kate Neeves



Justin Black

Kangwei “Scott” Chen

Aaron Cook


Lead Writer

Matthew Frassetti



Julian Doiley

Jesse Janowski

Kate Neeves

Voice Actor

Kate Neeves



Special Thanks

Full Sail University

Susan Meghnot

Steve VanZandt

Peter Haigis

Tyson Hinz

Jack Leske

Chinmay Purohit

Tremaine Williams

Dunkin' Donuts



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