Under a glass bell.

4 players are in a cell captured by an evil overlord. In order for 2 people to be freed, you have to kill 2 other players. Each object in the room has an item behind it which will either help you (e.g. knife, gas-mask) or it will kill you / everyone without a gas-mask (booby trap, or poisonous gas). The main mechanic of the game: Player one puts on headphones and is given a message with some information about the location of an item. The headphones are then passed to a player of their choice who hears some more information. and this keeps on going until you think you have enough information to make a choice and take / trigger the item at a given location. You can move around and interact with objects / players at any time. Everyone is given partial information so that you will have to form alliances with other people playing to get all the information you need. Sub mechanics: You can also block locations from other players by occupying them (walking up to them) The game is round based. Up to two players can win a round. First player to 3 points wins, to get ahead you need to find a gasmask and trigger the gas trap to kill three other players.
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Can You Come And Play?
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

A copy of NGUI for unity is required to compile from source, copy it into the  the assets folder and  everything should compile correctly. This could not be included as it is not licensed under Creative Commons.


Running the game bell.exe

Game should not require any install.



Richard Baxter

Shane Marks

Marc Burgess

Rodain Joubert

Dorianne Dutrieux

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