An Undefined Cave

In this game, you are a crystalline creature who roams in the endless depths of the crystal dungeon, the last remnant of an ancient civilization. Your life depends on colors. Wandering too long in the darkness will snuff your light and kill you. To advance in this game, you can absorb colors from crystals found everywhere and aquire the ability to interact with objects of the same color. For example: if you're tinted red, you'll be able to see and use red platforms, and see red enemies. Each room has a puzzle and a door that is opened solving it. The first objective is simple: you have to align two crystal pillars before a door and to be of the right color to be able to proceed. Pillars can be pushed and made fall along grooves to to place them in the right position.
Jam year: 
I am who I want to be
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
3Dstudio Max, Cinema4D, Blender, UDK, vim, Cubase, xNormal.
Installation Instructions: 

Extract to installer from the zip and run it.

After the installation run the game using the An Undefined Cave link located in the Start menu.


Sonia Casamento - Scene assembler
Christian Angelo Castelli - 3D Artist
Alessandro Chachlakis - Rigger, Animator & Level Designer
Danilo Egizio - 3D Artist
Mattia Ferrari - Programmer & Scene Assembler
Gianmarco Leone - Composer & Sound Designer

Game Stills: 
Source files: