Tubby Tromp

The things we want the most can often influence our perceptions of reality. This had never been more true than in the case of William von Tubbington III, who craves food so badly that he sees the entire world as edible. Help Tubbington consume as much food as possible and make sure he's consuming enough calories to survive!
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
Installation Instructions: 

To play the executable:

Download and unzip TubbyTrompJar.zip and double click TubbyTromp.jar. See README.txt for requirements.


To play from the source code:

Download and unzip Tubby Tromp GGJ Release.zip and navigate to the src folder. Open README.txt for instructions on setting up the proper directory structure.



Kat Donegan

Mitchell Mayeda

Matt Pirtle



Anne Woolman

Kacy Corlett

Leonard Pollard

Tom Dice



Ryan Nicholl

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