Traditional Music is often available on-line in the abc format (see for example. Most ABC tunes are public domain and free for everyone to use. TradHero is a teaching game for the android platform that allows the user to enter any abc notation they wish and play along as best they can. It's Guitar Hero For Trad!
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You Say it!
Honor Aaron Swartz
Design, Create, Play
Android device
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Uses open source abc parser abc4j and expands on an chromatic instrument tuner open source project The tuner reads the notes you play on your instrument and matches them to the abc notes.
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Included apk files are standard output of Android Application Development Toolkit. Install apk file on your device to play TradHero. If this is not suitable, install the source in your preferred Android development environment and install from there in the usual way.


Ronan O'Driscoll

Brendan O'Driscoll

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