Tower to the Truth

An NES game where you decide if you want to evolve or get along with your other race. As you become "better" than your fellows, you'll climb a tower that suddenly appear as you gain self-awareness. Start your journey as a rock and reach your fate. Why did this tower appeared? What mystery could be revealed at the top?
Jam year: 
I am who I want to be
Back to the 1885
Other digital platform
Technology Notes: 
You will need an NES emulator to play this game. I used FCEUXD SP 1.07 for my emulator because it has useful debug options. Use this emulator, I cannot guarantee that this game will work in other emulators or even on NES hardware. NESASM3 was used to compile the code. YY-CHR was used to create the graphics. Notepad2 was used to code. Coffee is the secret ingredient.
Installation Instructions: 

1. Download FCEUXD SP 1.07 (as of the time of the 2014 Global Game Jam, this URL contains the emulator:

2. An NES controller is optional

3. Play

4. Watch presentation video to understand this art game

Game Stills: