TounGooZ is a 2D platform game, which stages a small shaman who can invoke elements: earth, fire and water. It's a game of visual memory and agility. The shaman is blind, he can't see the "elements" platforms when he's in "neutral" state. When invoking the elements, he's able to see the platforms of said elements, and so, he knows where they are, to move forward. It have to go from platform to platform, of the starting to the vortex door. Warning! If you're on a "water" platform and invoke the "fire" or the "earth", you fall to the platform. You have to be on a "neutral" platform for invoke all elements or invoke "water" only on a "water" platform.
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Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Development :

Xavier Descours, Alexandre Gonthier



Lilly Coriss, Jonathan De Boisvilliers

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