They're all dead, Jim

The player embarks on a journey to explore the pain of a husband who's lost everything. He arrives to his dark apartment after waking up from a coma and finds everything in their right place -- tidy. All the signs of life - signs of his family - have been cleaned away. Photos of his family members trigger memories - which the player experiences through the eyes of the family members. In these memories, the player sees items important to that family member, placed where they often left them, or used them. The player needs to find and place those items where they were in those memories. As the husband goes through these memories and brings life back to the apartment, his world comes filled with color again, and he gains redemption from his agony. The door out of the apartment then opens for him, and he steps into a bright light, free. The game is / was intended to be a deep psychological experience. Nothing is explained to the player -- there are hints in the apartment that tell about the husband and his family. The memory-scapes of the family members look different -- bright and colourful through the eyes of the son, warm and musical through the eyes of the wife. The player even gets to experience the apartment through the viewpoint of the dog - an important part of the family.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Aleksi Grön - All the damn Code

Panu Porvari - Assisting Coder

Ksenia Shanina - Textures & Artwork

Ilja Levonen - Lead 3D

Mikko Lehto - Textures and 3D

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