Super Sticky Tower Climber

A multiplayer climbing race where the characters, a gross form of life, compete in a deadly race to survive while an acid flood threat to dissolve them. The form of life can mutates as grabbing different pills that power-up the character abilities and increasing the chances to survive. Each mutation can exploit the environment according its capabilities.
Jam year: 
I am who I want to be
Can You Come And Play?
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
The game was developed with BennuGD. An open source videogame game framework multiplatform:
Installation Instructions: 

It's a windows excecutable (.exe) No intalling needed. It should be possible to be executed with Wine if you're in linux.

The source could be found at:

A Joystick is recomended for a better experience:

- Controls
  - Player 1: 
    a - left, 
    d- Right, 
    k - Jump, 
    s - down, 
    w - up, 
    Enter - Start
  - Player 2: 
    Left (keyboard or gamepad) - Left, 
    Right - Right,
    Up - Up
    Down - Down 
    l - Jump   
    Or Joystick



The development team has 6 participants:

Javier Arias (Programmer)

Abel Barahona (Programmer)

Lucas Zallio (Programmer)

Roger Arias (Illustrator)

Lautaro Fernandez (Illustrator)

German Martin (Music Composer)



Game Stills: