Super Kandy & Krush Saga Ultra Deluxe Turbo Edition - Beta Version - 2D

A plataformer shooter about a special duo applying justice to whomever needs it. Controls: Space - Jump Right Control - Fire
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Programming languages and frameworks: Haxe, OpenFL & HaxeFlixel IDE: Sublime Text 2 Requirements: Flash Player 11.2 or greater
Installation Instructions: 

To run the game, use the "Play Now!" link or download the zipped executable file below. Unzip the GGJ2014.swf and open it with your browser (on Windows, right-click the file and select the "open with..." option, then choose your preferred browser).

If you want to compile the source code:

1. Follow the instructions in the HaxeFlixel site for installation of the Haxe programming language and the necessary game frameworks (follow the instructions step by step);

2. Edit the project using your favorite IDE. FlashDevelop is recomended if you are using Windows and Sublime Text if you are using Mac or Linux;

3. Compilation is straight forward in FlashDevelop, just choose the Flash target and hit the "play" button . For Sublime Text you must create a Build System to run OpenFL's command line tools. More info here: 

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