Stronger Than Death

STD is a game about the idea of Game Over : in a 2D world, the main character have to kill himself in some specific spots in order to reveal some parts of this world. A second character will then appears, with a new capacity relevant to the killzone previously used : If the 1st player kill himself in a precipice, the 2nd one will be able, for example, to fly some time etc. Like this, every character will have to explore the part of the world which he can reach, like a Metroidvania level deisgn. Finally, the main goal is to reach the Duke of Opole, master of this domain, who is trolling the player all along the game. Controls : Left Shift = Special skill -- Arrows = Moves -- Space = Jump -- P = see map ---- 5 powers : -- Glide -- Climb -- Explose -- Be tiny -- Shoot Arrow
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Game Design/Level Design : Nathanaël Deslances (and also graphics) & Antoine Aubert (and also writing)

Programming : Thibaut Petiot & Vincent Nicopolsky

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