Preach and convert humans to get what you need to fix your mothership! You are an Alien stranded on Earth with a malfunctioning mothership that will jump in between different eras of Earth's history by itself. Your presence in this world is transcendent - you will be considered a god by the world's inhabitants! Explore the world, preach and convert weak-minded humans into your own image! You must survive long enough to fix your malfunctioning mothership so you can escape earth! Be careful though - there are hostile sentries out to get you and you have limited time to explore each era before you must return to your mothership before it time jumps without you! Fail to get back to your mothership in time and you will be stranded on Earth, forever! (NOTE: Stranded is a work in progress therefore there may be bugs and missing features we are unable to implement due to lack of time.)
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Game Design: Damien Tsui, Simone Tropea

Character Design: Damien Tsui

Artists: Damien Tsui, Simone Tropea

Technical Artist: Carlton Zhu

Programming:Carlton Zhu

Music: Matt Rudduck

Sound Effects: Ned McPhie

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