Space Wars

Space Wars is a game that base the game play on player play style. If the player moves a lot, he will gain speed upgrades and armor downgrades. If he don't move so much, he will gain armor upgrades and speed downgrades. It also work for fire, if the player shot a lot, the fire rate will increase, and fire power will decrease. The enemies will change the speed and power based on the player play style also. In the end it will be a boss that will adapt to be more protected depending on player play style.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Unity 3D version 4.3.3 scripting with C#. Photoshop CC.
Installation Instructions: 

Just download the game rar, extract and play it from the .exe file.


Thanks to the programmers:
- Alberto de Oliveira
- Lucas Chociay
- Matheus Santos

Thanks to the 2D artists:
- Lucas Maturo
- Gustavo Padilha

Thanks to the music creator:
- Jean Quevedo

Thanks to the 3D artists:
- Rubens Stahl
- Roberto Yukio

Game Stills: