Sound of the Pond

You are blind, and only collaboration can lead you out of the pond. Relly on others, on sound, on colors and find your path through the darkness. Controls : Arrows / Mouse(drag-drop) For player1 (red at the start) you can change your color by pressing the space key.
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You Only Live Thrice
I am who I want to be
Design, Create, Play
Can You Come And Play?
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Phaser.js is used for all graphics/sounds/IO and physics.

Team : 

Sébastien "Rodyll" Morinière :

  • Development
  • Game Design

David "Dalzark" Auriac :

  • Development
  • Game Design

Thomas "Lord Nazdar" Poulet :

  • Development
  • Graphic Design

Victor "Padawan" Haffreingue :

  • Development
  • Sound Design


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