Sir Spins-A-Lot

Inspired by old school Adventure games, Sir Spins-A-Lot is an old knight long retired from the King's Guard. With his wife on her death bed, the old sentry must travel the world to take out the Spirit Guides and harvest their life force to give to his beloved. Controls: W, S = Move Sir Spins-A-Lot UP and DOWN A, D = Turn Sir Spins-A-Lot LEFT and RIGHT SPACE = Attack objects while not in combat. This is used for accessing chests and interacting with environment objects. This game is a small brain child between the three of us, so please leave as much feedback as possible so we can make the game much needed improvements. Our hopes is to make this a full release, but we need your help, so feel free to leave feedback on this blog post ( and please leave your feedback in the comments! Thanks and enjoy!
Jam year: 
Round and Round
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Unity is such a great help and will be the platform of choice when we bring this game to it's full fruition. This will enable us to release the game on multiple platforms, like it is intended.
Installation Instructions: 

Simply unzip the folder and play. Make sure the Data folder and the EXE file are in the same folder. Enjoy!


Sean Collins - Goofy, Sexy *cough*, Smart

Chris 'Epilos' Gonzales - AI *eh* Genius, Magificent Wizard,  Involuntary Member

Brent Metcalfe - Gamer, Writer, Over All A Ridiculous Person Extrordanaire

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