Sins Will Judge

Your actions determine not only the future, but the past. Who are you? And what have you done to deserve your identity? You can choose interacting with people and/or objects or not to do it. You can beat the game anyway, with different combinations and the outcome will change according to how you play. You just see reality through the lenses of different characters. The main goal is to act as they would do. And sins will judge who you were from the very beginning. This game has been heavily inspired by Gods Will be Watching, Home and Virtue's Last Reward. And lots of movies... HOW TO PLAY: Just click the objects or the persons you want to interact with, and then choose using the numbers in your keyboard the action you prefer. HINT: Once beaten the game for the first time, read other character's bio and guess the actions he would do. Play as he would do in real life, according to his personality, in order to unlock him. HINT 2: There are six different characters. Try different combinations. Go for the extremes. Still lost? Google may have the key. NOTE: We have decided to apply the diversifier "Back to 1885" because this game could be done with playing cards.
Jam year: 
Back to the 1885
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)

David Gracia (Darklight): Programming, Game Design

Borja Mateos (Jack): Sound, Music

Aitor Mercero (Bonembud): Lead Game Designer, Story

Raquel Moreiro (Rachelmon): Lead Artist

Iván Pérez (Luke): Lead Programmer, Game Design

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