Silent Trust

Silent Trust is a 2 player game in which one player plays an immobile "Observer" and the other plays a blind "Rover". Both players are stuck in a building as a result of some kind of disaster or accident; the observer trapped inside and unable to leave on his own and the rover rendered blind yet able to move freely. The Observer must guide the rover through the building relying on blueprints of the building's floor plan using only coded vibrations sent through the game controller which Rover uses to move, and through the use of audible lures which rover can hear. Rover, in turn, can hear his surroundings which include various environmental hazards - live electrical wires, small fires, crumbling floors, etc... - and so is free to ignore the cues he receives from the Observer. The Observer must trust that Rover has a reason to ignore his cues, while Rover must trust that the Observer is trying to lead him to safety.
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Can You Come And Play?
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
sound files rendered in Audacity "Rover" uses an Xbox controller and the walking figure was built in Blender
Installation Instructions: 

Xbox controller XInputInterface.dll needs to be in the same directory as the exe.


Blind man's instructions:

Go Forward = one fast pulse

Go Backward = one fast, one slow pulse

Turn Left = three fast pulses

Turn Right = two slow pulses

Stop = one long fast pulse


Team Silent Trust consists of the following members:

  • Brandon Perdue aka bperdue - Audacity sound files, Unity coding, and game design
  • Tad Klopcic aka JTKlopcic -  Unity coding and game design
  • Patrick Coursey aka patrickcoursey - Unity coding and game design (came up with the final name Silent Trust)
  • Chris Williams aka RoManXJ-9 - project manager and game design
  • Antony Baca aka antony1316 - Unity coding and game design
  • Tamuno (Tonye) Braide aka nigerianman06 - Unity coding and game design
  • A BIG Shout Out to Paul Tschirgi of Team Kopy Kat (same site as ours) for loaning us the use of his walker figure.
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