In sighted, you play as a blind beggar who needs to break into the palace of the sultan. An Efrit approaches and grants him a wish in trade for a future favor of any kind. The beggar asks: "give me sight so that I may see my enemies when I enter the castle." But the Efrit is a trickster and really wanted to make fun of the beggar, so he interprets this request in his "own" way - he lets you see from the NPC's point of view, but never your own! Controls: W/S - Move player forwards / backwards, A/D - Turn player left or right while moving, SPACE - Run, O - Attack, I - Switch through different cameras Hint: You can try and sneak past the guards or try and lure them to a spot where you can knock them out and get a fixed camera viewpoint.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Installation Instructions: 

Windows & Mac build in the .ZIP!



Jam Team:

Karim Eich

Mischa Krempel

Corrado Mariani

Gianluca Pandolfo

Milan Pingel

Sound Design / Music by André Engelhardt

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