Shit Happens

We took this year theme in a humorous perspective. We looked at "Things" as animals, and humans as the ones who see animals as humans, this connected instantly in our heads with the TV series "Seinfeld". (The Costanza Paradox) And we looked specifically on the "Agreement" with the Pigeons subject, As if Pigeons are well respected humans who can sign an agreement... From this perspective came to life the idea of "A Day in the Life of a pigeon". The Game asks the user who is using one touch control function on a mobile phone to get the pigeon "Yon" on time to work.
Jam year: 

Developers / Graphics:
Gal Weizman
Guy Zaidenband
Yossi Halevi

Ariel Kats
Ben engel Kacen
Ido Lanuel
Moshe Moalem
Ran Poliakine
Yair Horowitz

Game Stills: