RUN is an experimental racing game... the goal is to finish, so whatever happens don't stop!!! How to play- 1) Each player introduces themselves to any spectators. Give them a reason to cheer for you when they see your runner. 2) Cheer to get a boost when you see your runner. Be careful not to cheer for your opponent! 3) At the start of the race all 4 runners are shown. Tap the controller's shoulder buttons to confirm which runner you are: player 1 is purple/blue, player 2 is green, player 3 is red and player 4 is yellow. 4) Race to the finish. Don't give up!
Jam year: 
You Say it!
Can You Come And Play?
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
This game requires up to four Xbox 360 controllers, a built-in microphone and a GPU capable of shadermodel 3.0 or higher to run. When using multiple microphones please make sure that Windows recognizes the built-in mic as the primary one.

Team- Nazzty Fruit

Programming- Niels Keetels, Serge Pokorny

Game Art- Wiebe Giebels, Micah Hrehovcsik

Game Audio- Stijn Frishert

Game Design- Niels Keetels, Micah Hrehovcsik

Team Lead- Micah Hrehovcsik


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