RorStack is a card game, based all upon what YOU see. Use your imagination to One-Up your friends using what you see in the Rorschach ink blots, and get your friends to say specific things in order to accumulate victory points! Remember, it's all up to you what you see and how you win. No two people will ever see the exact same thing, have fun!
Jam year: 
Can You Come And Play?
Back to the 1885
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
Technology Notes: 
We used a printer.
Installation Instructions: 

We recommend printing to cardstock. The card back designs aren't necessary, but highly encouraged to keep things organized.


Have fun and get to know some people!




Travis Ray

Wil Faigen

Chris Malec

Alan Ford

Beau Diaz

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