RGB Runner & platform

The purpose of our JAM was to design and build a programmable platform to host a diversity of games, a console. The games for the console will be focused on multiplayer face-by-face games, but it will also be possible to host all kind of things: From a "painting software" to a "piano hero" with a hacked child piano. By now this platform consists of a 16x16 RGB LED matrix, some dials and interruptors for the players, and is controlled by an Arduino Mega 2560. We also made a simple game to test the console (The game consists of a race. In this race you play as either R, G or B, our three main characters. Each one represents a color of the rgb spectrum (R is Red, G is Green and B is Blue). And their interaction with the world is conditioned by their nature as the floor and walls only affect the players of its decomposed colors (i.e. a purple wall will affect red and blue players). We completed the game, but at the end we had problems with the wires and we could only use one of the four 8x8 sub-matrixes (we had not enough wires D: D:) We attach a video of a demo program running on it (just random colors)
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we built our own technology :)

Alvaro Sauca and Héctor Candón

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