(Restless) Penance

We never reached other worlds, and life on Earth is over. With finite resources that can never be replenished, two factions battle it out in orbit for the right to be the last ones to die. Use the ships you have carefully as you orbit Earth trying to destroy the enemy.
Jam year: 
Round and Round
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

PC: http://bit.ly/1hp4ED8
MAC: http://bit.ly/1hp4FHp

Unzip and enjoy the end of the world!

Exit the game with Alt-F4.

(Restless) Penance v2 is here in time for Melbourne Global Game Jam Playtime!!

*Mac version!
*Full in game tutorial.
*End game sequence will now play out correctly in all scenarios.
*Super Cruiser weapon VFX/SFX redesigned to reflect their use, being an overpowered long range shotgun floating in orbit.
*All weapon VFX/SFX now correctly reflect firing rates, ranges and arcs.
*Moon scaled to a huge size to provide a better landmark when navigating in orbit.
*Reworked title screen with giant Moon and lens flares.
*Enemy ship in range alert now fires correctly.
*Dynamic music is no longer liable to switch moods randomly.
*Stopped all friendly ships firing and moving strangely on game start.
*Minor balancing changes to the scout to make it more versatile for hit and run.
*Resolved unclickable top section of the screen.
*You can now hit escape for quick restart.

  • Matt Kelly - Game Design, Project Manager
  • Matthew Edmondson - Programmer
  • Sean Affleck - Audio production
  • Anjay Manian - 3D Artist
  • Sam Kayler-Thomson - 2D Artist
  • Kevin J. Powe - Voice Actor
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