Q'inqu (2-Player Game)

Our game was designed as a co-operative multiplayer-game (mg) for two players. The intention behind was the idea to design a game to increase individual skills of teamwork without communicating verbally. Therefore we thought about the basic game designs for two players games who have different skills and depend on each others characteristics - e.g. the Ghost(Ayakuchu) cannot push rocks while the Human(Naira) can push rocks. Until this point it's a common way how a typical co-operative game works. But we expanded the idea to another level and asked - what happens if each player has a own 'point of view' and see things that the other player cannot and has to call for attention to solve riddles? Hence we had the idea for Q'inqu, the Quechua word for labyrinth - a game in which two players play separated together to 'escape' from Q'inqu. Solving riddles for the sake of both alone and/or try to call for attention with a short appeareance ín the other players playing surface if she/he has a lack of skill to solve a riddle for which only she/he can see the solution. You have to use w, a, s, d, spacebar and enter.
Jam year: 
Linux / Unix

Anna Prem (Graphics)
Marco Fruhwirth (Development)
Michael List (Graphics)
Patrick Kesselherz (Management, Game Design)
Stefan Putzinger (Audio)

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