An interactive story game about a little boy, in a grey world. You must explore the side scrolling world, speaking to npc's to learn the truths about what has happened in this town. Things may not be as they seem, UNFORTUNATELY: Due to some bugs late in the game making cycle, was not able to get all pieces working together. will hopefully come back to it later, possibly with a different engine to support html5 and website support. speaking of websites strivengames.com is where it will be posted and where half of this team can be reached, we have a weekly podcasts about games and game development and will be sharing our experience of the game jam there in episode 14.
Jam year: 
Homo Sapiens are Boring
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
Our own engine, built out to support 2D, our dialogue tree, and character design.
Installation Instructions: 

For the simplest run, download the 'executable' folder below titled PurgaDebug, run Purgastory.exe


Jason Ryan-Programmer

Jordan Snell-Story Board, Game Design

Mike Kelley- Level and Character Design

Ian Robinson- Character and Game Design

Source files: