PMS - Paranoid Macho Syndrome

One day you wake up with a need of running around like a wild man and cut down some trees - allot of trees! But you feel that something is wrong. How to play: By reaching maximum rage (top bar) you'll get to the next level. Don't let it's indicator to fall down, cose... Cutting the trees gives you loot/money - so why not to go for a shopping (Tab key) ? Be sure to get some bunnies. After all it is all but an illusion. STAY TUNED the game will be updated!!!
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Technology Notes: 
Game is powered by Love2D free game engine. The team used Love2D and Lua for the very first time. With success we admit.
Installation Instructions: 


Go to: release\Win\PMS - Paranoid Macho Syndrome\ and run PMS - Paranoid Macho Syndrome.exe

Mac, Linux :

Go to: release\Mac, Linux where you will find PMS - Paranoid Macho
Get the Love2d free Engine (,  that will let you run our game on other platforms.


The Macho Otocyon team gives you PMS - Paranoid Macho Syndrome. A game developed in 48h Global Game Jam (KrakJam) 2014.

All content ( including code, graphics, sounds and music ) was made by game's authors:

Macho Otocyon team:
Krzysztof Siewiorek - [email protected]
Miłosz Majewski - [email protected]
Leszek Nowak - [email protected]



Arrow keys     - movement
Shift                 - sprint
Tab                   - upgrade shop
Space bar       - axe swing
Esc                   - exit menu

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