Perspective is a 2D side-scrolling, puzzle/plat-former; in which you play as 1-3 different characters all with their own different disabilities. While traversing different puzzles you slowly learn that perhaps the disabilities of these characters can actually be turned into positive abilities when they work together. For example, the character suffering from depression, he see's his life as more complicated, and the world is against him, therefore he has more obstacles (blocks) in his path, which you can use to reach places the other characters may be unable to reach. The character with dwarfism, can fit through smaller spaces, and the character who is colorblind is able to pass through the blocks that he is unable to see, because in his view, they do not exist; even though others may see them.
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MS Windows
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GameMaker (any product)

Desmond Jones -- Level Building, Narrative Designer, Audio  ----GGJTag: WhiskeyMedia

Matthew Nelles -- Product Manager, Art DIrection, Lead Artist, Level Designer ---- GGJTag: Shade13lord

Nic Brosz -- Project Manager, Lead Programmer, Audio   ---- GGJTag: NSBROSZ


The game will be available for download, also through