Once upon a Cube

Join Princess Candice on her adventurous quest through nostalgic 2D levels to rescue her beloved Prince Nice Cube. --- Since we are so happy with the result from the game jam, we decided to work on finishing it. It will be released in the Android and iOS stores for free once it is finished. Like CupWorks on facebook or check CupWorks.net regularly to keep up to date!
Jam year: 
Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Global Game Jam 2014 - Once upon a Cube - Team 'HyperCube'

Sebastian Ahrens
Level Design, Game Art

Christoph Becher

Benedikt Bessen

Peter Mann
Game Art

Kjell Nehring
Game Design, Level Design, Game Art

Alita Pantea
Storyboard, Script, Directing

Felix Strele
Level Design, Game Art, Sound

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