Made with Unity Engine. A top-down perspective "explore the world - adventure game". The main character is Pedro the Painter, send to a bleach factory to repaint it. Pedro's helmet obstructs him from seeing the surroundings, so he uses a sonar gun to reveal obstacles (the echo is picked by the player's great mustache). After they are revealed, the player can choose colours and paint the nearest, so later he can see them and navigate easily. The game has 3 levels and some puzzles that have to be solved. Levels have a maze design and are challenging to the player, so watch out for any patrolling or stationary enemies and from falling in to the abyss. The aim is exploring and painting the world with your own colours. Most of all Have fun!!!! :) The control are PC keyboard with mouse. Q & E cycles through Pedro's paint colours. WASD movement. Mouse Left Click to paint your Objects. Note you can only paint the objects and enemies after they have been 'pinged' or reveled by Pedro's echo gun. Mouse Right Click to send out echo. The longer the right button is held the further the echo will travel and can even pass through walls. Team Name - NowHiring
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip the file double click the exe. Play on Fantastic! graphics quality :)



Aldo "Want some Cereal ?" Curtis

Evgeniy Ivanov Delgyanski

Ruairi McCarthy

Amir Mohayaee

2D Assets:

Master Master Builder Master Abdullah bin Abdullah

Daria Fissoun

Milen Georgiev Milkov


Amir Mohayaee


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