What's Nin? Probably.. Noncense Imagination Night? or is just a reference to Anaïs Nin? who knows? it doesn't matter What's real? what's is a dream? Every reality living everyday, even in a dream can be the "real" The concept of the "Real" is destroyed in Nin, where you must explore different surealist worlds in order to find the true real, and not the "vox populis" concept about that.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
CryEngine 3.5 Blender
Installation Instructions: 

Download the CryEngine Free SDK from (version 3.5.6)

Copy the GameSDK folder content into the CryEngine SDK's GameSDK folder

Copy the System.cfg into CRYEngine SDK root folder (replace it)

Play using Bin32 o Bin64

In the Menu... Select the map Horror2.2 this is the first map



Miguel Mendoza: Level Design & Music
Pablo Abarca: Level/Game Design, 3D Modelling & Music
Simon Carreno: Game/Level Design & Flowgraphing




CryEngine Assets

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