My own World

Switch how you see yourself to change the world around you, and use this properly to progress in the game.
Jam year: 
You Only Live Thrice
I am who I want to be
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
XNA 4.0, Photoshop CS2, Tiled map editor, Audacity
Installation Instructions: 

Install using Installer/setup.exe
A new version of .NET framework might be required. The installer will prompt you.

If you already have XNA 4.0 setup on your machine, you might be able to run the game directly using Release/MyOwnWorld.exe

You can play the game either by using an XBox360 controller or Mouse and keyboard.
Click left mouse button to shoot and the layout will switch into mouse/keyboard mode.



--- Xbox360 Controller ---
Move - Left stick
Aim - Right stick
Shoot - triggers, bumpers
Bunny - A
Demon - B
Snowman - X

--- Mouse and Keyboard ---
Move - W,A,S,D
Aim - Mouse
Shoot - Left mouse button, Spacebar
Bunny - R
Demon - E
Snowman - F


David St-Louis

Game Stills: